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Wrinkle Smoothing Injections

Wrinkles relaxation injectionsis injected into a muscle that is causing wrinkling of the skin, the overlying skin will temporarily become quite smooth resulting in a more youthful appearance

At our beauty centre we offer the following products:

Botox®, Boccuture® , Xeomin® and Azzalure®

wrinkle smoothing injections

·         Trained in the use of Wrinkles relaxation injections. Softens and smoothes lines - younger and refreshed appearance of the skin. Treatment to the upper face includes, crows feet, frown (between the eyebrows) and forehead.

How it works

  • Wrinkles relaxation injections relaxes the tiny facial muscles that create active (expression) lines.
  • Leaves the skin looking and feeling smoother. Full benefit of treatment can be seen within 14 days. Will last 3 - 6 months before repeat treatments are required.

Crows feet

·         Wrinkles relaxation injections relaxes the smiling/squinting muscles around the outer corners of the eyes. It helps to prevent new lines and smooth existing lines. It stops them being reinforced - so they gradually fade away.


·         Wrinkles relaxation injections between and above the eyebrows helps to lift the eyebrows by relaxing the muscles that pull the brow down, therefore the "pulling up" muscles work only and you get the desired brow lift.

Frown Lines

  • The vertical lines between the eyes can often make you appear angry or stern looking. Wrinkles relaxation injections makes it harder to raise the eyebrows high enough to push the skin of the forehead into pleats.
  • Deep furrows will be softened and smoothed out.
  • Some deeper furrows may also need a little dermal filler to lift out the established crease.

Forehead cannot be treated without treating the frown as it works as a support, treating the forehead only can result in a drooping of the eyelids.

Will I be left expressionless!

  • No. Wrinkles relaxation injections works on the muscles where it is injected, it cannot float around and freeze other muscles in your face.
  • If you are investing in a treatment such as Wrinkles relaxation injections or Dermal Fillers it is important that you do not let your skin dry out. You should also drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.

Lip Contouring and Augmentation

This is a great treatment to make lips fuller and more clearly defined, helping smooth lines around the mouth and turn your smile line back up. Mouths form part of the facial triangle of attraction that people focus on when we first meet.

At our beauty centre we offer the following products:

Juvederm® Ultra, Hydrafill® and Succeev®.

Lip contouring is effective in enhancing lip definition colour and shape, which makes the lips appear more "sexy".

Common problems to be treated

·         Thinning of the lips and lost definition, pouts, small lips, down turned mouth, smile and smoker’s lines. Treatment on smoker’s lines can also fix wrinkles, thin lips and sun damage to upper lip. Dermal fillers can help to revive thinning lips, which occur as we get older, this is a result of lost collagen, therefore the lips appear to lose volume.

  • Dermal fillers gently replace lost volume, increasing the lips fullness and filling in lines and gives immediate transformation.

Swelling is inevitable and can last for a few days, effects can appear dramatic initially, you may dramatically reduce the swelling by taking a anti-histamine (medical history allowing only)

Effects can appear dramatic initially due to inevitable swelling which can last for a few days. Taking anti-histamines may reduce the swelling (medical history allowing only).

We are looking to create a natural looking enhanced appearance and results can last up to a year depending on each individual. Water intake, diet, smoking and sun-bed use all contribute.



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