Dieting is not getting the results you want ? Let us help you lose those inches the easy way!

Arasys is a non-surgical set of weight loss treatments that are administered by a special machine. It works on specific problem areas. Tones and firms.

Each session is equivalent to 300 sit ups and 400 buttock raises, and you can Lose a dress size in just 10 sessions.

The Arasys system has ongoing clinical research in both the UK and USA, and has proven results.

It's the only system available that targets the nerves controlling the muscles.

A Firmer, Slimmer Body in only 17 Minutes

Arasys is the new no-mess inch loss system that firms and tones in only 17 minutes.

Arasys is the answer:

  • for the man or woman who enjoys vigorous exercise but doesn’t always have time
  • for the slimmer keen to see fast encouraging results
  • for anyone who loathes the hard work of exercise

How does it work?

Special smooth-topped faradic waves tone and firm muscles more efficiently than any other slimming system

Immediate Results

Instead of dozens of situps, stretches and lifts Arasys does the work of stimulating muscles. The benefits are the same as for strenuous exercise: tightened, toned stomach, thighs, hips buttocks, waist… You even get a feeling of extra energy and well-being for the muscle workout increases the metabolic rate and improves circulation. Arasys also reduces cellulite build-up and breaks down body fat. The added Arasys advantage: a session takes only 17 minutes, there’s no need to shower afterwards, no perspiration, no creams or gels.

Tailored Treatment

A total of ten Arasys sessions (over three weeks) will get muscles well exercised and firm. Treatment is tailored to your needs: toning with the emphasis on slimming, or toning and basic firming. Once you have achieved your ultimate body shape the results last 3-12 months. A maintenance programme will ensure that the effects are long lasting.

Research and Development

Two leading British scientific authorities – biochemist and a medical electronics inventor – developed the Arasys system after thorough study. Salon consultants are specially trained in the use of the Arasys Inch Loss System.

Why Arasys?

  • Only 17 minutes
  • Inch loss you can see and measure
  • Tones and firms muscles
  • Easy: no gels, no creams, no mess
  • Helps break down cellulite and body fat
  • Removes toxins, improves circulation

Combination Therapy

  • Achieves Total Body Care.
  • A private consultation with your Arasys specialist will ensure you receive a treatment plan to meet your requirements.

Muscle Toning and Inch Loss

  • Our unique waveform provides both comfort and superior results
  • Sessions only 17 minutes
  • Works on specific problem areas
  • Lose approximately 9 Inches in just 3-4 weeks.

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A Firmer, Slimmer Body in only 17 Minutes

Arasys is the new no-mess inch loss system that firms and tones in only 17 minutes.

Arasys is the answer 


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